Turn Any Faucet Into a Hands-Free Automatic Foot Operated Faucet!

Save Water

Stop Germs

Save Time


The Foot Faucet is an automatic faucet system that converts any faucet to foot operated faucet. We have several foot pedal designs that mount in the toe space of your sink cabinet, making your new hands free faucet easy to install and use while saving water and reducing the spread of dirt and germs.


Stainless Steel Foot Pedal Faucet Control


The Deluxe Stainless Steel model controls hot and cold water as well as the Garbage Disposal. It also has a touch sensor, a night light and a latch-on feature so you can switch from hand control to foot control.


  The Deluxe Bath Stainless Steel model controls hot and cold water. It also has a touch sensor, a night light.  

Floor Mount Foot Faucet


The Floor Mount model is designed to go underneath a kitchen floor mat. Made of durable water proof urethane, it offers a low profile, but still full featured kitchen faucet controls of the Deluxe model.


Stainless Steel Foot Faucet


The Standard Stainless Steel design is an economical way to control hot and cold water independently. It works on any faucet, at home, in the lab, clinic or food preparation station.

The Foot Faucet is manufactured by Pressure Products   -    or 970141637351

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